Mindset Workshops

We believe that training your mind is just as important as training your body. Everyday, we are exposed to all sorts of stimulation – stress at work, our relationships, the news, etc – and this is all understandably overwhelming. Our mental health is often pushed aside and rarely talked about. 

This is where we at thegardenstudio hopes to support you. 

We have created a safe space to cover a different topic concerning mental health each month. For instance, on how to build a growth mindset, how to deal with stress, how to cultivate nonviolent communication etc. As a group of like-minded people, we will share our experiences and together, we will learn how to deal with everyday struggles in a healthy manner. 

Each workshop explores a topic, using tools to help us engage, active conversation and mindful embodyment.
We will help you build a positive mental world and grow towards a healthy mindset.

 We can’t wait to grow with you!

Private Coaching

Our professional coaches help you unlock your potential. In your coachsession you will orden your thoughts and reset your mindset, so that you can purposely move forward towards reaching your goals.

If you have chosen for the premium unlimited membership you receive one private coaching of your choice each month. Ofcourse it is also possible to book a single sessions.

We offer different types of coaching:

Life coaching and mindset workhops with Sarah

Sarah is a work and organizational psychologist, who has further educated herself with a 2.5 year life coaching education, and a certified 300h yoga teacher training. Bringing together the best of all her knowledge and experience, Sarah wants to support you in the themes you find in your daily life. Think for example of personal growth, goal setting, and stress management. In her workshops she uses multiple tools to help you reach the core of your questions, unravel your thought processes, and inspire you to make steps to be your best self. It is her mission to empower you on your path towards a more conscious, authentic and happy life.


Vitality coaching

Thomas is specialized in the field of nutrition, movement and mobility. He is a BSc. In Nutritional Sciences, Dipl. Strength Coach and did numerous further trainings in movement and stretching practices. Since 2017 he works as a self-employed nutritionist and coach. Thomas can help you to move, feel, and support you with your dietary and physical goals.