The Garden Studio - Team

Movement Sessions

BE-flow (Vinyasa yoga)

This is our feel good yoga session. In this vinyasa session you flow from one movement to another using your breath. You move to build strength and flexibility and develop a clear sense of alignment. This mindful practice will leave you feeling supple, relaxed, and sure of yourself. Accessible for all levels.

BE-flow (Level 2)

This is our level up yoga session! In this vinyasa class you flow from one movement to another using your breath. This class is perfect for you if you have been practicing yoga regularly, can follow the teachers from their verbal cues, and want to explore more difficult yoga poses.

BE-Hatha (Slow and deep yoga)

In this session you focus on the internal experience of your movements. You move slowly, consciously and with intention. You will find deep stretches and slow flows. In this session you get to feel your body and get the space and time to hear what it is telling you. Accesible for all levels.

BE-shaped (HIIT)

Short, intense and hotter than hell – there’s no messing about with BE-shaped. In this solid HIIT training, you’ll test your lung capacity and strength. We perform a range of bodyweight exercises in bursts of 45 seconds. There are no repeat exercises, so there is no reason to slack! This is the no-nonsense way to experience quick results!

Be-sculpt (HIIT X weights)

We take things further in HITT X weights. In this session we always work from a cardio exercise to a strength exercise. We work in burst of 45 seconds. With this method you maintain a high heartrate throughout the whole training which results in high energy burn. During the various strength exercises you will come across kettlebells, barbells, a balance ball, a pull up bar, bands and more. Because of the added strength element you will continue to afterburn, even long after the training.

BElates (Pilates x Barre)

The posture and definition of a dancer, the core strength of a gymnast? Move between postures that challenge major and minor muscles. This sculpting session improves strength, flexibility and posture, creating a balanced and strong body.


These sessions are an essential for all you desk workers and active people! In a small personal group we will gently mobilize the joints in our body. You will receive personalized guidance based on your physique and range of motion. The session promotes good posture, prevents knots and injuries, relieves tension and increases range of movement. It will help you when you are feeling stiff, and will aid your recovery.


This session calms you as you rest in longer-hold poses. While you take a deep rest you feel the yin energy in your body and feel completely relaxed. It targets the deepest tissues of the body. After this practice you will observe the peace you have created in your own mind and body. It helps you to resolve physical and mental blockages and increases flexibility.