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First timers

  • What should I bring for my first session?
    You only need comfortable sports clothes. You do not need shoes in our sessions. You can also bring your own mat, a towel and water but we can also provide you with this at the studio.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Make sure you arrive about 10 minutes before the start of your session. This gives you the time to get comfortable before class starts. For safety purposes we close our door when the class starts. Make sure you are on time!
  • What would be a good first session to chose?
    New to movement? Try yoga or BElates! BEhatha yoga is great for beginners, and BELates tones your body. If you have done yoga before, you will enjoy our BEflow classes as well. Feeling confident? Get sweaty with our HIIT classes! In the end we keep our classes small to ensure you feel comfy in any class you choose.
  • What can I expect my first time in The Garden Studio?
    Get ready for a warm welcome as you walk down the stairs! Your teacher will greet you with a big smile, check you in, and hand you a quick registration form. Kick off your shoes at the entrance and follow your teacher to the changing room, where you'll find lockers and all the essentials. Once you're changed and ready, help yourself to a drink from the kitchen or pick a mat in the studio. Chat with your classmates or enjoy a moment of calm before the class kicks off. Let the fun begin! 😊
  • I like to get a membership, how do I receive the 20% discount?
    Did you love your first session with us? You can receive 20% discount on your first membership month if you sign up with your teacher, straight after your trial class. So, don't be shy to grab your teacher for a chat about memberships after your class has finished:). The 20% discount only counts for the 6 month memberships.
  • How do I book a session?
    First, buy a ticket or membership via the website. You will be forwarded to our system partner Eversports where you will be asked to set up an account. In this account you will be able to find your details and manage your future bookings and cancellations. To register a sessions you can also click on your preferred session in the schedule on the website. From there on you will again be forwarded to Eversports.
  • Can I join a session without pre-booking?
    Yes, you can. However, we always recommend to book via the system. This way you are sure to have reserved a spot.
  • How do I cancel a booking?
    For cancelling a booking go to the schedule page on our website, click on login. This will bring you to your Eversports account. Go to the ‘my bookings’ section. Click on the specific class and delete button. Classes have a cancellation period of 12 hours. This information is also available in your booking confirmation email. Please note that we handle a no-show fee of 10 euro’s for members. Also late cancellations are considered no-shows.
  • What is a no-show fee?
    As we are a small studio, every time you book a session and do not participate, expenses occur for the unused reservation. Also, it takes away a space that another student could use. Please use your sessions mindfully and cancel your reservations on time:). For unlimited members we handle a no-show fee of 10 euro. This is also applicable for late cancellations.

We wish you the warmest of all welcomes to The Garden studio! Below we answer some questions you might have when you are first starting out with us. 

We'd love to meet you at the studio!

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